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Tuesday, August 5th 2014, 12:02pm

Summer FanArt 2014

At last the sweltering summer months are upon Taborea. The sun beats mercilessly down on toiling adventurers, encouraging them to pause in their eternal battle monsters and to delay the next trip into an unforgiving dungeon. Where will you take your respite? Will you relax by the sea, retreat to a mountain lake, or is there some other quiet hidden place where you can take your ease? Where you can reflect on your journeys and the strange wonderful creatures that you have encountered. Heroes! Warriors! Now is the time to share your summer adventures or simple relaxation under the sun. It is time for Runes of Magic Summer FanArt competition!


Tuesday, August 5th 2014, 12:07pm


Competition rules:

  1. Every registered Runes of Magic player may participate in the competition, excluding members of the Runes of Magic Teams.
  2. By participating in the competition, you give permission to Gameforge to use your submission on any Gameforge official page (such as, forums, webpages, Facebook, and Twitter).
  3. Every submission must follow the competition theme.
  4. Your work must be an original creation made by you (drawn, painted or created in a computer graphics program) without the use of renders, stocks, photos or pre-made elements. In-game screenshots or official Runes of Magic artwork (or parts of them) may not be used.
  5. Participants may enter only one submission for the whole competition.
  6. We will choose 3 winners from each community (RoM EN / DE / FR / PL / ES / IT / US / AU / MX). Participants will be grouped by the servers that they would like to receive the reward on. Winners will be announced on the forums and on our social media pages.
  7. The Runes of Magic Team may change the rules for the competition at any time, due to unforeseen circumstances that could affect a fair result of the competition.

Competition theme:

"Summer time in Taborea"

All FanArts, which:
  1. Infringe copyrighted material or are not made by the applicant,
  2. Are submitted in an incorrect file type,
  3. Do not match competition theme,
  4. Use animations,
  5. Violate the Term of Use, Forum Rules, and/or Game Rules of Runes of Magic

will be excluded from the competition immediately and without warning. The Runes of Magic Teams will judge the FanArts taking into account the effort, creativity and the visual effects of the submitted works.

How to participate:
  1. Each user can send only one submission.
  2. All submissions have to be sent via e-mail to:
  3. Your submission must consist of one of the following formats: JPG, .BMP, .PNG, .GIF, .TIFF.
  4. The competition starts on: 05.08.2014
  5. The competition ends strictly at: 24.08.2014 23:59
  6. All submissions after the competition end will not be considered by the judges.
  7. The following information has to be included in the submission e-mail


Title of the email: RoM Summer FanArt
Your community: (example RoM US)
Your board nickname:
Your account name:
Your e-mail address:
Your server and character name:

Note: The e-mail must be sent from a valid e-mail address (linked to your Runes of Magic account) and one that you check regularly.

For each community of Runes of Magic, The RoM Team will chose 3 winners (3 winners per community, total 27 winners).


1st place:

- 1000 diamonds
- VIP status for whole account on the selected server with the following benefits for 6 days:

  • +50% bonus to EXP *
  • +50% bonus to TP (only from monsters) *
  • +50% bonus to drop rate *
  • Ability to record transport points without ink (unlimited)
  • 1 Phoenix's Redemption per day
  • 1 Daily Quest Ticket per day

2nd place:

- 750 diamonds
- VIP status for whole account on the selected server with the following benefits for 5 days:

  • +50% bonus to EXP *
  • +50% bonus to TP (only from monsters) *
  • 1 Phoenix's Redemption per day
  • 1 Daily Quest Ticket per day

3rd place:

- 500 diamonds
- VIP status for whole account on the selected server with the following benefits for 4 days:

  • +50% bonus to EXP *
  • +50% bonus to TP (only from monsters) *
  • 1 Daily Quest Ticket per day

* These buffs will last for 24 hours - they will be renewed at log in each day for as long as the VIP status continues.


Friday, September 12th 2014, 3:01pm

RoM Summer FanArt - Results!

We have received many great submissions from you, so the choice was not easy. Nevertheless we chose the best works - these are our winners from all communities!

If you won, please contact your respective Game Support (sending the same data as in your submission email) to receive your reward.

We congratulate all the winners and would like to thank everyone who participate in the competition. We hope you enjoyed the competition and we will be able to repeat it in the future!

All received submission can we seen on our official Runes of Magic Facebook page!

1st place: Ithilis

Spoiler Spoiler

2nd place: SirBoB

Spoiler Spoiler

3rd place: Ramage

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Kleeblatt96

Spoiler Spoiler

2nd place: Kuhmuh1988

Spoiler Spoiler

3rd place: Minimonster123

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Malfou

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Kaththea

Spoiler Spoiler

2nd place: Orestes

Spoiler Spoiler

3rd place: Oneechan

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Jennova

Spoiler Spoiler

2nd place: LadyAnith

Spoiler Spoiler

3rd place: Kharurina

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Rifleyhouse

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Jodapaintt

Spoiler Spoiler