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Thursday, April 13th 2017, 2:57pm

Spring in the Taborean Air

Wabbits and clement weather – what else do you need to celebrate spring in Taborea? Ah, of course! Events! If you prefer to celebrate the holidays with exhilarating action rather than relaxation, we’ve got just the thing.

Between midnight on 14.04.2017 and 11:59 PM on 17.04.2017 (local server time) you can look forward to an experience and talent point event: experience points you earn on quests and in combat will be increased by 200%, while you earn 500% more talent points in combat. You can also take advantage of a 200% increased drop rate!


Thursday, April 13th 2017, 3:00pm

Funny day with Wabbits

Everyone is preparing for the Spring Rain Festival and with the first spring sunbeams wild creatures are waking up from their winter sleep. Suddenly, whole Taborea was took over by cute and fluffy Wabbits, who seems to be in playful spirit! They are running near inhabited areas asking for the attention and company from the Taborea inhabitants.

Adventurer, won't you make a little break from your busy day schedule and spend some time with these small furry friends? Show us your funny activities with Wabbits – it’s time for a Runes of Magic Easter FanArt competition! We’ll be waiting for your submission, which you can send via e-mail: until 30th April 2017 23:59 CEST. Do not miss this chance to get cool prizes!

  1. Every registered Runes of Magic player may participate in the competition. Members of the Runes of Magic Team are not eligible to participate.
  2. By participating in the competition, you give Gameforge permission to use your submission on any Gameforge official page (such as forums, websites, Facebook and Twitter).
  3. Every submission must match the competition theme.
  4. Your work must be an original creation made by you (drawn, painted or created in a computer graphics program) without the use of renders, stocks, photos or pre-made elements. In-game screenshots or official Runes of Magic artwork (or parts of them) may not be used.

  5. Participants may enter only one submission for the whole competition.
  6. We will choose 3 winners from each community (RoM: EN / DE / FR / PL / ES / US). Participants will be grouped by the servers where they would like to receive the reward. Winners will be announced on the forums and on our social media pages.
  7. The Runes of Magic Team may change the rules for the competition at any time, should unforeseen circumstances prevent the fair administration of the competition.
Competition theme:
  • "Funny day with Wabbits"
Any submissions, which:
  1. infringe copyright laws or were not made by the participant,
  2. are submitted in an incorrect file type,
  3. do not match the competition theme,
  4. use animation,
  5. violate the Terms of Use, Forum Rules, and/or Game Rules of Runes of Magic
will be excluded from the competition immediately and without warning. The Runes of Magic Team will judge the submissions and choose the winners, taking into account the effort, creativity and visual effect of the submitted works.

Submission details:
  1. Your submission must be made in one of the following formats: .JPG, .BMP, .PNG, .GIF, .TIFF
  2. Each user may send only one submission.
  3. All submissions must be sent via email to:
  4. The following information must be included in the submission email:


Title of the email: Funny day with Wabbits
Your community: (example RoM PL)
Your board nickname (if applicable):
Your account name:
Your email address:
Your server and character name:

Note: The email must be sent from a valid email address (linked to your Runes of Magic account) and one that you check regularly.

  1. The competition starts on: 13.04.2017
  2. The competition ends strictly at: 30.04.2017 29:59 CEST
All entries submitted after this time will not be considered by the judges.

For each Runes of Magic community, the RoM Team will choose top 3 winners (i.e.3 winners per community for a total of 18 winners).

1st place:
  • 1000 diamonds
  • 1x Carrot Blade
  • Eggshell JuJu - Pet Egg***
2nd place:
  • 750 diamonds
  • 1x Carrot Blade
  • Eggshell JuJu - Pet Egg
3rd place:
  • 500 diamonds
  • 1x Carrot Blade
  • Eggshell JuJu - Pet Egg
*** Eggshell JuJu - Pet Egg is offering "Spiritual Half" buff (Increases experience gained by 20%, increases talent points gained by 20% and increases item drop rate of monsters by 20% for 2h).


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Friday, May 5th 2017, 3:02pm

Winners of RoM Easter Fanart 2017!

Dear Community,

Below you will find the list of winners of our Runes of Magic Easter "Funny day with Wabbits" fanart competition. We would like to congratulate all the winners and to thank everyone who participated in this competition.

All submissions can be also found on our Runes of Magic Facebook Page!

1st place: Blackfear

Spoiler Spoiler

2nd place: Hellequin

Spoiler Spoiler

3rd place: Yuna

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Morvên

Spoiler Spoiler

2nd place: Arçarøs

Spoiler Spoiler

3rdplace: Drena

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Unpokable

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Anith

Spoiler Spoiler

2nd place: Hebe

Spoiler Spoiler

3rd place: Habiba

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Ishiryen

Spoiler Spoiler

2nd place: Bakuenjin

Spoiler Spoiler

3rd place: Aistana

Spoiler Spoiler

1st place: Kassandara

Spoiler Spoiler

2nd place: Twissler

Spoiler Spoiler

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