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Board Contest Finding Aqua


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Thursday, November 23rd 2017, 5:10pm

Finding Aqua

Gather 'round the table, all
and Aqua too - four stories tall.
If he's wandered off again
then no more roast-burd meals for him.

Help us to find Aqua! Can you find the place where the picture has been taken? Does Aqua prefer turkey, or ham? But where's that background?

If you found the place where this picture was taken, make a screenshot of it and submit it in an email to events [at] runesofmagic [dot] us. Make sure that your character name is visible on the screenshot, and the map's coordinates as well.

Please use the following form when writing your Email:

Which one of the prizes you would like to win:

Scorpio Pet Crystal
30x Draconaris (element of player's choice)
(example Aero Draconaris )
30x Zodiac element of player's choice
(example Wind Element)
5x Pet Experience Charm
5x Pet Training Charm

Broad Azure Juice Bottle
Gem Crown Juice Glass
Ring-shaped Juice Bottle
Tall Flower Juice Bottle
Springtime Patterned Bucket
Rose Juice Bottle
Tambourine-shaped Juice Bottle
Charcoal-Roasted Ostrich Platter
Roast Ostrich Feast
Smoked Ostrich
Spaghetti Bolognese
Vegetable Salad
Exquisite Cupcake
Hand-Picked Cranberry
Ostrich Egg
Roast Rib Feast
Hamm Platter Feast
Lobster Feast
Classic Wooden Tea Bottle

Card: Kladoren Dipper
Card: Furious Filthy Fiend
Card: Kal Turok Myrmex Queen

All players who correctly participate will get x5 Featured Cuisine Delicacy. Three grand prize winners chosen at random will get their choice of one item from the list above.

  1. Only one entry per person is allowed and only the first post received will qualify to be eligible to get the prizes.
  2. The Prizes will only be delivered to Aeterna.
  3. The Prizes will only be delivered to people that correctly participated.
  4. Any user which won the previous round will be eligible only for a participation reward.
  5. Entries sent after Nov 30th 2017 will be ignored.
  6. The Runes of Magic team reserves the right to make changes in these terms, prizes or any other detail of this contest, at any given time, if it is required by unforeseen circumstances.

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