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Wednesday, November 29th 2017, 3:29am

Help Picking A Class

I hate leveling so i generally dont play more than one toon in any given game, right now im stuck between k/x, r/m and wl/x...all of the classes are fun to me and i think are good end game but not 100%, i know they have different roles but either way i just want to level and focus on one but i cant choose one :*(, any recommendations?


Wednesday, November 29th 2017, 3:58am

Well HelmSavage, we are going to need more information if we are going to find the right class for you to play. Which roll do you want to Play? Tank, Dps or support? You gotta pick one to focus on. Give us some more information on what you're looking for or it will be hard to help you.

There are few classes in this game that fit more than 1 of these rolls, and even fewer that van fit more than 1 roll well. And if you plan to fit more than one roll with 1 toon, chances are you will need 2 sets of gear.... Which is sort of pricy.
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Wednesday, November 29th 2017, 8:47am

I don't really mind on the role, i just like being useful i guess, in the way like there are very little tanks so ill always find a group or very little of rogue dps so its never repetitive having another rogue, or very little supports etc., those are just the 3 classes i seem to enjoy most, maybe scout as well as a 4th maybe, idk, i also heard ch/p tanking was possible and good, or goodish, idk that sounded interesting as well

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Wednesday, November 29th 2017, 6:31pm

c/p tanking is "possible" but every end game raid has 2 tanks in it -- a k/w and a c/p. They both have amazing skills to increase raid damage output, hence bringing both on every run. But in 99.9% of cases, the K/w is the "main" tank.

wl/m m/wl and c/p will get you in on pretty much every run. Knight/warrior will get you on on "most" runs. As said above, you probably won't be the main tank as a c/p, but you could always wear healing gears, or dps gears.
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Wednesday, November 29th 2017, 7:53pm

And ill assume rogue is overplayed out of the classes i listed? they generally are in my experience but i wasnt sure if they still were that popular still



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Wednesday, November 29th 2017, 10:30pm

Go scout....teach them rogues a DPS lesson. If you like rogue you could always take both and judge for yourself.
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Thursday, November 30th 2017, 1:33am

Honestly the *amount* of classes played are fairly balanced. If anything you will see scouts and warriors the most in endgame raids as DPS positions. However There are champions, warriors, rogues, scouts, wardens, and even the odd time a mage DPS'ing endgame these days, some are obviously better burn and/or sustain dmg than others but they can all carry their weight in dmg with the right secondary. I made a list of classes to play for raids a few days ago on another thread, but idk how to link that specific post to here so... might have to search :D aha
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