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Trial Gamemaster

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Saturday, January 20th 2018, 7:01am

Capybara- Trial GM

Hello all, I'm the new trial Game Master Capybara. You can call me Capy for short.

I am a long time RoM player. It's basically all I do in my spare time. So I know quite a bit about the game.

I am a big fan of events and love helping out where I can. Here's hoping I make the cut. :)



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Saturday, January 20th 2018, 12:54pm

Welcome. Hope your stay is long and enjoyable.


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Saturday, January 20th 2018, 2:50pm

Welcome to the madhouse ;)

Onward to mayhem, my shiney new steed!


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Saturday, January 20th 2018, 11:57pm

welcome to the team!


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Monday, January 22nd 2018, 2:59am

Welcome! Have fun!



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Wednesday, January 24th 2018, 10:08pm

Welcome, hope you make the cut too.



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Saturday, January 27th 2018, 9:40pm

*comes out of corn field* Welcome fresh meat enjoy your stay if you can handle it >:) *fades into the corn field*

all jokes aside welcome to the ROM team hope i get to se you at some point just beware of the green wabbit that lives under the bridge :D

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