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Thursday, June 1st 2017, 7:29pm

How to use Premeditation effectively as Rogue/Mage ?


I was wondering how to use premeditation most effectively as a Rogue/Mage.

I think that the best way would be to use it directly before Wound Attack on Authoritative Deterrence and Silent Seal.

However, I have some problems on either put Premeditation and Wound Attack both on Silent Seal although there shouldn't be a gcd, right?

Furthermore, Enchanted Throw and Illusion Blade Dance can be the next hit on premeditation, but I don't think that this could be prevented, right?

Did anyone do some testing on this?

Best regards.


Thursday, June 1st 2017, 10:05pm

Not entirely sure but doesn't Premed affect White attacks? Sounds like a waste of time on R/M. At least during burn.
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Thursday, June 1st 2017, 10:48pm

Its not a waste in boss fights. Typically the skill has no CD but cannot be used in combat. R/M gives it a CD but it IS usable in combat.
After your shadowstab/low blow, you wanna use Premed to power up Wound Attack for a high triple crit chance.
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Friday, June 2nd 2017, 2:48am

Its not a waste in boss fights. Typically the skill has no CD but cannot be used in combat. R/M gives it a CD but it IS usable in combat.
After your shadowstab/low blow, you wanna use Premed to power up Wound Attack for a high triple crit chance.
At least in endgame. Which I'm assuming is what the OP is talking about considering he was talking about AD + SS = burn.

R/M has 2 white attacks at full speed buff :minigun: + 2 procs from those. THEN IBD running. All those have such a high possibility of taking the PreMed. Sure, ET wouldn't be bad. But the OP wants to get the WA on AD+SS. Even diyce'ing is unlikely. Waste of time.

How did it go? Oh yeah, class dismissed. :lol:
P.S. that quote looks like it was copy/pasted from those bad, generic online RoM guides. That kind of thing that sounds so good in theory, but in practice, it's just not the case. Lol.
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Friday, June 2nd 2017, 4:17pm

Well, I think there are generic online RoM guides that are even worse in theory :lol:
Actually, I did not find much information about using PreMed in combat as R/M in any guide. Hence, I started to test whether it is reliable to get WA on AD+SS while PreMed is running. Of course, as Magío said, the possibility that another skill takes PreMed is relatively high.

So the main question is whether I missed some nice and fancy trick that increases the possibility for WA on AD+SS significantly. If that is not possible, even with diyce, then of course it seems to be a waste of time and energy to use PreMed.

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Friday, June 2nd 2017, 11:19pm

Target self to stop auto attack
Pop Premed
Retarget Boss & WA
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Friday, June 2nd 2017, 11:54pm

And lose damage from white attacks and probably miss AD/SS anyway. No. Boss fights are way too fast for that to be worth it. You'd untarget the boss to try to pop premed and the boss would die while you're fiddling around.
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Saturday, June 3rd 2017, 1:58am

Lol... Cloaked, I really want to know who you're talking to when you come up with all these hypothetical scenarios. I'm not a Rogue myself, I believe you're not either, but I've been running with endgame Rogues for years. I understand the circumstances, because I've been in them countless times. Just being around them and listening I've gathered some info (example later with BB anecdote). Not only that, before posting I actually talked to Rogues in my guild for their opinions.

Target self to stop auto attack
Pop Premed
Retarget Boss & WA
I still remember Bleedingblak saying he used to do this. BUT that was like 2 years ago when AD was a whole 10s long. Bosses took around that long to die. Now they take way less than that with only 3s of AD. Also targetting Warlock/Mage SS wasn't as prevalent then. So getting that 40% boost on AD back then was, STILL MAYBE, worth the risk. I say maybe because you have to consider the lost damage in white hit procs from Enchanted Throw from untargetting... Not only that, Illusion Blade Dance is STILL going... so there still a fair chance that will take the PreMed instead of the WA. Basically what Bo said.

Anyway, I think you're suffering from tunnel vision and lost track. The whole point is to put Premed WA on AD+SS. You're ignoring IBD, the fact that you only have 3s of AD and therefore have to sacrifice quite a bit of your DPS to TRY to get Premed WA, Ignoring Silent Seal, etc.
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Saturday, June 3rd 2017, 4:58pm

the best part of r/m is basically being afk dps.

just afk dps.
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Saturday, June 3rd 2017, 10:18pm

prem gives %40 crit dmg it makes %11 increase while all crit dmg buffs are up in burn, even if you manage to hit it on wa which is unlikely cause of ibd, its not worth losing the ets, and most probably it will hit all crit w/o prem since in burn rogues have shet loads of crit and crit resist is only 3k on last 2 instances

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Tuesday, June 6th 2017, 3:57am

you can premed on countdown then enlivened blade first running in. Something to do while closing the distance and hits decent enough if leveled.
Instead of using 1 of AD's seconds to try and sneak a premed in mid burn(triggers GCD) I'd rather another low blow


Wednesday, June 7th 2017, 4:06am

Premed doesn't trigger GCD, but for reasons already stated I don't think it's worth it to try, since a lot of other things can steal the hit on r/m
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