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Friday, November 10th 2017, 1:37am

AD/SS timing?!?

Hey guys, I was looking for some help with my scout damage. Up until now I have been playing scout dps 100% manual with pretty..... inconsistent results. When everything (or most things anyway) manages to go off at the right time, I manage to do easily 100m+ damage. But when they don't, which is more often the case, I do about 40m ish with the same exact party set up vs the same boss. It's usually attributed to snipe and or CC missing AD and Silent seal.

So I've come to you, the experts, to try to find a way to hone in on making that high damage more consistent. What do you guys do to deal oodles of damage as a scout? Do you have a macro to detect Silent seal and cast CC/Reflected shot? Or do you have a macro detect AD and hope to hit SS because by the time the detect registers SS should be on the target because of the wl/m macro anyway? How do you time snipe?

Any answers that you can provide would be much appreciated. Teach me senpai! Yes I know I'm a Noob , I've been manualing up till now.

Ps I usually use macros over diyce, cause it seems faster to me, or maybe that's placebo.

Thank you
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Friday, November 10th 2017, 3:41am

Most people, myself included, usually do manual scout, at least for the snipe/cc/reflected portion of the rotation. The main thing to timing them is having a consistent tank who know when the proper time to AD is, and is always on their game for their timing, a good tank is by far the most important part to most parties, but especially a party with scouts or any other class dependent on AD/SS. Once your tank is doing AD same time every time in your groups the correct time to begin sniping sort of becomes natural.

Some tactics groups do use though, is a tank using diyce that does AD after a certain %hp left on the boss (usually around 90-85%) so you know you can begin sniping around 95% ect... Another way is to have the tank use a macro announcing the use of AD in 3 seconds, or 2 seconds, whichever you decide on, either in say or party chat.

Honestly it does take some practice, but the important part is that you are practicing with the same people, the more you switch up tanks you run with, or dps you run with, the harder it is to get use to the proper timing to snipe/cc in that particular group.
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Friday, November 10th 2017, 9:59pm

I know a lot of ppl that use macro/diyce for silent seal. I could send you a macro in game to use to detect it and cast relevant skills, but I can foresee a combination of manual + macro skill usage becoming a bit awkward. Just send me whisper or mail in game if you want to experiment.

As rtp said, communication is key if you aren't using macros on the scout. Knowing when the tank will cast AD (after X seconds, at Z% hp remaining etc.) BEFORE the boss fight will make your results more consistent.

As a side note, I too feel that diyce has some...delay in it. I stopped using it many months ago, and instead use my own custom macro/addon. Sort of similar, works better.
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Friday, November 10th 2017, 10:31pm

Manual for life! don't be lazy with a class that uses like 3 skills lol. jkjk
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