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Sunday, November 29th 2015, 2:45pm

[AddOn] ChatFilter

Thanks to the success of the merge, i got hundreds of people in multiple channels.
No way you can follow what is happening...

So irritated by that i created this lightweight addon:

ChatFilter is a extremely lightweight add-on that can remove annoying chats.

For example:
  • Pet talk
  • Who joined/left the channel
  • Anything you configure

There is no user interface, you have to modify config.lua if you want to change anything or add new keywords etc.

The default config.lua looks like:

Source code

ChatFilter.NoPets = true;
ChatFilter.ChannelMessageContains["has joined the channel"] = { FromTab = 1, UntilTab = 4 };
ChatFilter.ChannelMessageContains["has left the channel"] = { FromTab = 1, UntilTab = 4 };

Where ChatFilter.NoPets can be true or false, this eliminates the annoying pet talks.

The ChatFilter.ChannelMessageContains has 3 parts:
  1. The text to filter on
  2. From which chat tab it must start filtering
  3. Until which chat tab it must ends it's filtering

For example, the 'has joined the channel' filter start filtering at chat tab 1 and ends at chat tab 4.
I you have an fifth tab which shows 1 or more channels, that tab will receive the message that player xxx has joined the channel.

Feel free to modify existing values and add new ones.
And if you do add new ones, please post them here for other people to use. :thumbsup:

Enjoy your easy readable chat tabs! :)

x Ellen

Link to ChatFilter on curse
Link to ChatFilter on European forum


Monday, November 30th 2015, 12:14am

You are a life saver! After the merges pure clutter of Trade with "xxx joined", "yyy left" was unbearable! :D

Thanks! Works perfectly!
>>>> >>>> >>>>
>>>> Please, bring back (bound if there is no other option) dias to AH! :thumbsup:
>>>> If you do this we will all love you forever. ;)
>>>> >>>> >>>>