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Monday, September 25th 2017, 8:04pm

Can Someone Provide Me The Coordinates

Im looking for the rough coordinates of where the dragon corpse appears in Chrysalia for the hidden quest associated to that event.

The couple screenshots I could find on the forums, the player had a different HUD set up that didnt display his coordinates like the stock HUD does.

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Monday, September 25th 2017, 9:22pm

I have run into that corpse twice, I cannot provide coordinates, but it was in the same place both times. And that was on the path up to the hidden cave, you know where the fast daily is. To clarify, not on the actual path but on the plateau in front of the path. If you were going on the road to the production plant and turned right to go to the cave or left to go to the first rage camp, it would be on that spot where you turn.
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Monday, September 25th 2017, 10:08pm

spent over a month to get that finished good luck sir. there are multiple spots
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