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Tuesday, December 5th 2017, 8:21am

Is ROM worth playing & fun?

Basically I'm looking to play a game that's not WOW right now. I'm kinda bored of it and want a change of scenery. I had a lvl 50 something a few years ago and deleted it for some reason and created new toons to play. I don't remember the reasoning behind this but it was done. With all the changes to ROM and additions to it, is the game even worth playing? Are the servers dead or semi-populated? Is gold easy enough to come by to buy stuff you want? Is end-game raids or dungeons & how often are they ran?
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Tuesday, December 5th 2017, 4:36pm

To those of us that have been playing for many years, the game is fun and worth playing... people do come and go and the population has been dwindling mostly because Gameforge does not advertise it anymore. There are quite a few ex-WOW folks that play, the game is similar but different in many ways.

In game gold is fairly easy to come by if you want to put in the time, there are many different ways whether you sell diamonds (bought with real world cash) or farm stuff for sale on the auction house.

Dungeons (Instances) are run whenever someone can get a raid together.
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Wednesday, December 6th 2017, 8:02pm

The game is fun for about the first 50 levels then it becomes a grind. Up to level 50 it is easy with a lot to do and many places to do things. You won't have to spend any real world money and if you join a good guild they will guide you through everything and often supply you with everything you need. However after level 50 it becomes a real grind and you will either be willing to spend tons of money or lots of time to keep progressing. The game is actually more complicated with more to do than WOW. The problem is there is too much to do and the time and expertise required. The game population is dropping and it is sometimes impossible to get enough people to do a lot of stuff this is a real problem at the lower levels. If you played the game earlier up to level 50 you had the best the game has to offer. Too many people have been replaced by alts. They have taken over the game most runs are done by a single person or two controlling a bunch of alts and they prefer it that way.


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Thursday, December 7th 2017, 1:27am

To the OP: Worth it is subjective. It really depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for something with the same amount of content and player activity as WoW keep looking. RoM is more of a WoW-light. Always has been. Nowhere near the content of WoW but gameplay is similar and not nearly as involved - i.e. no difficult rotations, healers don't have to manage their mana, tanks typically don't do much in RoM other than run in and start whacking the boss first (from the perspective a former wow raid leader - vanilla through cataclysm).

Rom doesn't do dungeons like WoW does, just 6 and 12 man raids. End game raiding does happen but not by a huge percentage of the gaming population. The game is still P2W at end game so most raids have devolved into burn fests to keep the P2W element alive.

There's only one server now. Gold is pretty easy to get. Don't need to spend any money on the game to quest or run around but if you want to raid at level cap you'll have to invest a good amount of RL money or a lot of time to do the same thing as a f2p player. Hope that helps. :)
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