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Monday, May 7th 2018, 6:27am

What Classes Are Good

Whats up guys, coming back to the game from playing other games, i just kinda missed RoM. I mained a tank back in the day but I dont want to jump right into tanking not knowing any of the new dungeons or how groups work. That being said, any recommendations on a class to play, Im thinking a dps class, preferably something harder to play just for the challenge, i like playing classes that no one wants to play becuase they're hard if that even exists. If not that then maybe an unpopular relevant class in general because I don't like being 1 of a million of one class, i like to stand out a bit i guess, without being too off meta. Any recommendations of what might might be good for me or just good in general so i can get an idea?


Tuesday, May 8th 2018, 3:51am

Meta dps classes are:
Scout warden
Scout rogue
Warrior scout
Warrior mage
Warrior warden
Warden warrior
Warden scout (kinda )
Rogue mage
Mage warrior
Mage warden
Champ rogue
Champ mage (one shotting.. It's all eggs in one basket for this class)

Meta buffers:
Champ priest
Warlock mage
Mage warlock
Knight priest
Warden scout

I suggest you go warden/scout. Pretty decent damage. You will fall to about the middle of scruit(add-on that measures individual party members damage) and also they have a buff for the rest of the party's damage and attack/casting speed. They can also tank some stuff like grotto 85instance if that floats your boat. It's still meta , but jack of all trades. Then maybe pick up warrior for 3rd class if you want to do higher damage in the future. Wd/w is a pretty good tank. (Just no AD or party buffs) or just do whatever for 3rd if you wanna be a hipster and experiment :3 there are not many classes that are "hard to play" IF people don't play it, it's probably because it's either broken, or it sucks ...or it is better for PvP than pve.

Tldr; warden scout is what you are looking for I think.
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I do a lot of my forum stuff from my phone, so forgive any typos please :3


Tuesday, May 8th 2018, 6:21am

I looked at the elites and I dont know if i would love that because I dont really like pet classes at all, didnt remember any having pets in this game and forgot warden so i didnt mention it XD never liked warden to begin with back in the day XD Would you say theres more demand for warrior, rogue or warlock? Or if not in demand which one is played the least?

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Tuesday, May 8th 2018, 4:17pm

I think I get what you are asking. You want to be useful on a run, but not get lost in the crowd of "oh look another R/M". I think i would go for Scout, either S/Wd or S/R, still helps the party, does decent DPS, and can still be individual.
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