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Thursday, March 17th 2016, 12:43pm

Re Patch Notes 6.5.5

Patch notes can be found here:
Patch Notes 6.5.5. - Mirror World and 7th Anniversary Event


[Spirit of Tempest Height] The radius of the area in which the treasure chests are generated, when the monsters die, was increased by 100 % to resolve the issue of the treasure chests overlapping each other when there are too many of them.
Thanks for this one! Was such a pain in the butt previously..


[Auction House] Players will be now allowed to set up the price of items up to 999.999.999 gold.
Wasn't this allowed before? Could have sworn I saw peeps put items in AH for fun at max gold amounts previously.

Can't wait to see what this Mirror World looks like. 8o
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Thursday, March 17th 2016, 12:54pm

Advanced Auction house allowed you to price item's over 99,999,999 same as mail addons allow you to send/cod more then 99,999,999
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Friday, March 18th 2016, 2:48am

Star Jewel Class VIII still need to be fixed. And yes, a ticket was already submitted.

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Friday, March 18th 2016, 5:03am

no +20 this year. The disappointment is real.
Also EoJ quest for the potion daily has been ninja deleted.
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Friday, March 18th 2016, 5:14am

Of course there's no +20 this year. Not now that they're in the most blatant "screw you" to the player base ever known as the wheel of fortune.
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Friday, March 18th 2016, 7:00am

Hmm the clandestine merchant isnt where he was yesterday, is his vanishing act intentional did he move or is it a bug? anyone perhaps know where is now?
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Friday, March 18th 2016, 10:32am

Hmm the clandestine merchant isnt where he was yesterday, is his vanishing act intentional did he move or is it a bug? anyone perhaps know where is now?

From the looks of it, he moves every ~2hrs. You just gotta find him again.



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Friday, March 18th 2016, 10:51am

Wow GF.. i really wish every festival/patch/update there wasnt something to complain about, but seems there is literally everytime..
last couple years we always got a chance at +20 jewels from garden event... NOW you remove them literally taking away almost every reason i even wanted to do garden event period.
And we all know they were like 75% fail jewels but still i always used those ones first before i used the good ones.
Hell even if you guys skipped up like last year and only had lvl 90 +20 jewels,, even those would be better than nothing atleast can plus hoe sets with them lol RIP
Not getting any gifts in mail.. took away only reason that I really care about garden event... and now to top it all off you guys take away literally one of the best eoj's if not the best this game had to offer. GG on killing the game just that lil bit more.
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Friday, March 18th 2016, 4:56pm

Potion daily for EoJ's was not the only EoJ quest removed, they also got rid of the shroom cleaning EoJ for some reason. Hmm, I wonder what other ones they "fixed"?
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Saturday, March 19th 2016, 1:00am

Lol they got rid of potion eoj? This game hahahahahaha.
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Saturday, March 19th 2016, 2:09pm

Pretty sure the +20 jewels were a total mistake and were never supposed to drop in Secret gardens, not that i mind and got quite a few of them. But i was expecting them to get fixed this year and happy we have the level 100

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