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Scout/Warden or Priest/Rogue


Thursday, October 27th 2016, 8:39pm

or Priest/Rogue

I've been playing off an on for a few months but I have a FT job and a girlfriend, both of which am trying to keep lol so am not on the game all the time. Have a S/Wdn that I have to 28/25. Got bored and started a new P/R, thought doing the healer thing sounded fun. I'm finding it to kick more @-- at 2-3 levels less than my first character did, but I really don't want to have to go back and do ALL of those same quests again unless it is going to be better endgame. If Erebos server wasn't a ghost town at lower levels it would be ok doing it all again with parties, but until I got into Dragonfang, the solo grind was just too long and boring to do twice unless it will be that much better in the long run.

Which would be the better for questing and endgame?



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Thursday, October 27th 2016, 8:55pm

S/wdn but p/r is good for magic parties ?


Thursday, October 27th 2016, 10:46pm

any possibility you can play both by using 2 clients? You can quest both of them up, being able to kill on scout and have heals from priest. Then in the long run, you'll have 2 toons being leveled, perhaps your gf would want to play. then you can play the p/r and she can play the s/wd or vice versa.

im not sure if you are in a guild or not, but a guild with lower levels in mind would be really helpful in your leveling process, whether it be from helping you quest, or porting to certain zones, or just having buffs (high level buff towers are super good for leveling).

it'll be super nice if you could double box, so you can have both toons leveling, while you still decide what you want to play
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