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Tuesday, January 5th 2016, 4:44pm

Courtesy in grouping at popular daily quest spots

Ok - Due to the feeding frenzy in dogs in Xaveria and Demonstration Battle in Ancient Kingdom, it is clear that some people don't understand the value in grouping at those spots. It isn't to be social, or to chat, or for you to powerlevel other people at your expense. It is to share (actually multiply) the effort of killing mobs. Meaning, if you group and kill butterflies, EVERYONE IN THE GROUP close by gets credit for the kill. If you are not in the daily quest group, you are taking that kill away from up to 35 people. The same can be said at the Demonstration Battle in Ancient Kingdom. A mage that is spamming thunderstorm, but doesn't group, is forcing everyone else to wait until he is done or OOM. If he groups, everyone that starts the quest gets credit. And don't think that people are leeching off of you at your expense, it really costs you nothing - you get the kill credit and so does everyone else (and you benefit if someone else kills the mobs they summoned).

That isn't to say this works for all quests. Quests like the Dogs or the gargoyles (and lots of others) have drops that are competitive. You will still have to fight for your own eyes/dog meat. Of course, if you are in group, you can see as you go into the shadow area, if someone is already there and then you can go left instead of right (or vice versa).

If you agree, please make sure your guildmates know about this.

Also, I encountered a guy on the last day of the event who didn't understand me and asked me to speak Spanish. After a google translate (experiencia de las acciones de agrupación), he grouped with me a couple seconds later, happy to share (I am sure it is a terrible translation but he understood). So if someone speaks better Spanish than google would post a comparable thread in the Spanish section, that would help everyone.
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Tuesday, January 5th 2016, 6:16pm

For Taz, I believe everyone who click on summon the mob, gets credit for it when it dies, doesnt matter who killed it, who summoned it and whether they were in the party or not.