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Tuesday, January 17th 2012, 5:43pm

Festival of Fire guide

Hai, figured I'd make a short guide for those of you that don't like working things out.

This festival is quite simple for the most part. Some of the quests are linked to other parts of the festival, and for one particular quest I recommend working together with friends as there is a title linked to it that requires you kill a boss several times.

All NPC's and events are located in Silverspring, Dust Devil Canyon, Thunderhoof Hills.

Silverspring :

Party Pest Control.

Speak to Ajis in central Varanas who will teleport you to the front of Varanas. The idea here is to spam click the fire to get your buff to 100. Mount up and head to the other side of the bridge and select a mouse (preferably with a low number debuff) and use the skill you were given. If your buff is higher than the mouses buff it will say "Squeek!" and give you 1/10. If your debuff is lower than the mouses then it will just subtract the value from the mouse and make you have to get more fire. Do this 10 times and return to Ajir for 1 Fire Festival Voucher. Can be done once per day.

Iron Chef.

Very simple one. Go kill either Boars or Ostrich around Varanas and collect "Ostrich meat" or "Wild Boar meat". You only need 1 item to do this quest, but it can be repeated every three hours. Once you have your meat, take it to the cooking pots in central Varanas and click on them. Wait about 2-3 seconds and then press ALT+1 or manually click the skill. You should end up with a cooked item (Items give +15% of a stat and dont stack with much). You should also recieve 2 flame runes for your trouble, these should be collected for another quest called "Drive Beast". *Note* if you burn the food on purpose you will recieve and event title called "Explosion Master".

Drive Beast.

To do this quest, there are two ways of starting it. You need either 3xFrost runes or 3xflame runes. I've no idea where the frost runes come from so I'll be using the flame runes (received from doing the meat quest). Head to Annie Garcia outside the front of Varanas. Step into the portal behind her and you'll be teleported to DDC where you should walk into the portal at the waterfall.
Once inside the instance, you will be able to click on a floating rune which will summon Thysdyr and several green NPC's. Now the idea here is not to direct DPS Thysdyr but to use the skills you get given to buff and remove debuffs from the NPC's. This quest is better to be done as a group of 6 because its harder to manage the buffs for all the NPC's.

Skill 1 : remove a debuff.
Skill 2 : remove a debuff.
Skill 3 : gives the NPC much better attack to hurt Thysdyr.

There are two versions of thysdyr you can summon, and two titles attached to the event.


Coming soon.

Flame Fortune

Coming soon.

Dalanis :

Light the Pyre!

Head outside of Dalanis and speak to the NPC. After doing so click on one of the piles of wood surrounding him. You get given a target intensity to get the fire to. Trouble is, the fire will getting hotter and cooler on its own so it must be controlled by using the two debuffs. The first will throw water on the fire to make it cooler, the fire rune will make it hotter. After the 30 seconds end you have to have the fires temperature to within +/-3 of the target. This will reward you with a voucher regardless of you winning or not, however if you win you will recieve and additional reward of something like pots.

Voucher reward :

Five vouchers will give you a reward. So far the known list of rewards are :

7 Day bank space III ticket.
500 Guild rubies.


Just a work in progress so far. Would appreciate any help/details/corrections you guys might have :) Feel free to use any of this info anywhere you want, or even take whats here and make a better, more awesome guide :)


Tuesday, January 17th 2012, 5:44pm



Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 12:23am


healed 2 bunnies
no wolf and no bear tho
u get 2 ice runes and i got 5x phirus pots.
not sure how to get the title tho

only got 2x flame runes from cooking ostrich meat once

Fresh Boar Steak
Boar Meat Stew
Ostrich Sandwich
Crisp Ostrich Meal
Rare Ostrich Steak
Smoked Boar Meat
Steamed Boar Bun
Steamed Ostrich Bun
Crispy Grilled Ostrich Wing
Crispy Grilled Boar Steak

No title for cooking all types yet


Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 12:06pm

The Dalanis event... is it fixed yet or still don't get anything different getting +/-3 of the target? Only thread I could find was from last yr

And last yr's version of the Thysdyr event was better =( lol

Last yr if I remember correctly only needed 3x Vouchers per turn-in, unless it was some other festival that required only was the only festival that u could turn in every day for a reward without exchanging runes for repeating it.
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Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 12:11pm

Thanks Uncle!
That information will see many hits on it and is well needed.
We appreciate the effort figuring it out!


Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 12:57pm

Should have this finished and ready to move today sometime. Didn't get the chance to do the timed events because of other things I had to do :)


Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 4:19pm

Quoted from "EscapeTheFate03;502716"

The Dalanis event... is it fixed yet or still don't get anything different getting +/-3 of the target? .

They actually did fix it for this year. I was 1 off target yesterday and I got a congrats and a bonus of 5 'b' phirius pots. Unless you can get other prizes too, I may just let it lose each time because only want the voucher.


Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 5:45pm

just got 5x Defense IV runes for the voucher turn-in


Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 10:18pm

Dalanis fire is fixed, but I got a whopping 3 phirius A potions lol.......
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Wednesday, January 18th 2012, 10:21pm

I received an Ice Horned Lion mount (7 days) for turning in 5 vouchers today.



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Thursday, January 19th 2012, 12:54am

Any furniture as a reward?
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Thursday, January 19th 2012, 3:00am

Quoted from "Perelynn;502915"

Any furniture as a reward?

If the rewards are the same as last year, then u can get Lantern TP furniture pieces, last years' lanterns were the 10 or 15 TP kind each can't remember at the moment. Got tons of 7 Day Lion mounts last yr & some 5x Runes IV.
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Thursday, January 19th 2012, 5:14am

Dalanis event
Got right on the target today -- reward few pots. Does not seem to be worth the clicks and you get one voucher just for playing anyway.


Thursday, January 19th 2012, 5:23am

Got 5x Quickness IV

Another guildy got 5x Shell IV


Thursday, January 19th 2012, 9:12pm

Anyone figure out how to use the Rune Trap in the Cure the Epidemic event?



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Thursday, January 19th 2012, 11:25pm

Curb the Epidemic

You get flame powder to remove the disease and traps to hold the animals in place. These are the npcs you have to cure:
Bunny 1 pt
Wolf 5 pts
Bear 10 pts
Unusual pathogen 20 pts and a title if you have not received it yet.

The NPCs require increasing number of powders based on the points they reward. Tip to using the trap, you need to guide the animal to the trap, wait a sec, then back away 2-3 steps, and start casting the powder. You don't need a trap for the bunnies, so don't waste them. I might edit this in the future, but this is enough info to start.

Edit 1: The unusual pathogen's location may not be fixed but I found it twice near peerston farm. If you have a root, or bubble, this can break this event causing you to hit the 40pts mark rather easily. Above 40pts, you get 2 festival vouchers.


Friday, January 20th 2012, 1:57am

7day mount fail
500guildstone donate
500guildherb donate
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Friday, January 20th 2012, 6:15am

Quoted from "Dakamur;503212"

Anyone figure out how to use the Rune Trap in the Cure the Epidemic event?

I just throw a low damage attack on the mob that I want to cure. Then drop a rune trap and kite the mob over the trap. He should get "stuck" in it, at this point you want to back off slightly (so the mob isn't in range to interrupt your cast) and throw the Flame Powder at him. If it doesn't cure him the first time, just repeat this process. It's much easier than trying to get them to run over the trap when they're not aggro'd on you.


Friday, January 20th 2012, 11:50am

UPDATED 02/02/2012

For turning in 5 vouchers I have received: Wild Horned Lion Mount (7 day), 5x Wisdom Core (each is worth 100 guild stones), 5x Mind IV, Exquisite Patterned Lantern (TP bonus 10), another lantern, 5x (forgot the name, worth 100 guild rubies each), some other rank IV runes.

For having the most points from the flame of fortune event, I got the title 'Highscore' (doesn't come with stats), an ice rune, a flame rune, and 2x festival of fire voucher.

I completed the flame of fortune event without the highest score twice before that, the first time I got some ice/flame runes and a single voucher, the second I must have had close to high score, as I got some runes, a voucher, and Windbreak Elixir (7 day expiration, increase mag defense by 11% for 900 seconds). At one point I went afk with the elixir still having 6 days left on it, and when I came back an hour or two later, it was gone, so it may be bugged. (Edit: I forgot I moved it to the arcane transmuter in case I got another one... *facepalm*)

For cooking, I got the title 'Explosion Master' (this changed to 'Sir-Explode-A-Pot' what a bummer *frowns*)when I let it blow up. For cooking all of the below(12 different foods), I got the title 'Supreme Chef' (no extra stats).

I have cooked:
  • Ostrich Sandwich
  • Stewed Ostrich Wing
  • Crisp Ostrich Meal
  • Crispy Grilled Ostrich Wing
  • Steamed Ostrich Bun
  • Rare Ostrich Steak

  • Stir Fried Boar Meat
  • Boar Meat Stew
  • Smoked Boar Meat
  • Steamed Boar Bun
  • Crispy Grilled Boar Steak
  • Fresh Boar Steak

For the Epidemic event, I've only received vouchers and the runes for summoning Thysdyr. I've had over 20 points for this event with no title. Will update when I get it. I have received a Barrier Elixir to increase defense by 11% for 900 seconds (7 day expiration). There have been days when I get 2 vouchers instead of 1, possibly for having the highest score at that point? As of 02/02/12 I still don't have the epidemic title.

Defeated Flame version of Thysdyr twice in one day. The first time gave a bag of runes for each group member present(mine had Cruelty III inside), and a purple something-or-other. Second time didn't give the runes, possibly a once a day thing, and a purple-something-or-other. We've done this and opened some mount bags as well, which can contain the parts for the contract (contract is BoP, the other parts are not).

I have the title 'Thysdyr Hunter' for killing 2 flame and 2 ice thysdyrs. No extra stats on it.


Friday, January 20th 2012, 2:49pm

I figure this will be buried far enough in that not too many people will bother reading it. But with the fire and ice runes, you take them outside of varanas to one of the Garcia sisters, who is standing in front of a blue circle of light. Walk into it to be teleported to the other sister who is in Dust Devil Canyon on top of the waterfall in the canyon. She'll direct you to go behind the waterfall. Doing so will take you to an instance kind of like the quest "things that go bump in the night." There are 2 floating runes on the left hand side, one red and one blue. You need 3 of either type of rune (fire or ice) in your bag to start the fight with the boss. It's recommended that you go with no fewer than 4 people, as this is not a fight of power, but of group strategy using special skills. For the ice boss, you and your party get a group of skills, the first does damage to the boss; the second removes the ability-disabling debuff from party members; the third draws the attention of the boss; and the fourth prevents him from casting his aoe fear. Basically the idea is to keep firing the damage ability and removing the debuff from your party members whenever it's off cooldown so you all can keep firing. When you get the notification that he's absorbing energy for his attack, interrupt it or you'll be feared for 18sec. Just whittle down his health before 5 minutes is up. For the fire boss, 4 specter NPCs of the Garcia sisters will appear around him and start casting fireballs at him. Your party needs to split up and each one of you needs to look after your npc. When he debuffs them with the energy absorbing skill, you need to click the first ability to remove it, else it will drain 2% hp from them every 2 seconds. When he casts the ability disabling skill, you need to click the second ability to allow them to cast again. When you see the notification that he's absorbing energy and needs to be stopped, use the 3rd ability to allow them to silience the boss. You should work on switching between who will cast the first time, and who will cast the second time (for the silence) else the cooldown on it will be too long to interrupt. If he casts his skill without interruption, the NPCs take 30% damage. When you finish, he'll drop a bag that contains a blue level 70 accessory with a random yellow VIII stat (better than imprisonment, not better than competition). The bag also contains a rune bag which has xmuted III & IV runes, and a chance of having a mount piece bag; similar to the abyssal nightmare contract, you need to build this 30 day mount. You need 4 pieces ~ fragments I & II, the core and the contract.