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Monday, February 20th 2012, 5:41pm

Thanks for the sticky.
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Sunday, April 15th 2012, 3:14am

Ok all the code in my guide is annoying. How can i get rid of it?
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Friday, November 23rd 2012, 8:19pm

Tips :

AoEs: I keep them at 60 but if u have enough tp 65 would be nice. They come handy in Tosh to kill trash. Otherwise no mage will be a match for u in Hos :D. You do Air tremor to attract aggro, then instantly your moon cleave will be charged and you can use it. After that use Cyclone, and start over if they are still alive. If you use cyclone before MC you will stun the mobs and u won't get enough rage to immediately start MC. Ofc if u can't handle well the dmg from mobs then AT-Cy-MC is the option. In between large scale aoes u have PotWS to spam. Because PotWS doesn't trigger GCD in 3-4 sec interval u can hit:
AT+PWS+MC+PWS+Cy+PWS (+/- 1 PWS) but it is very hard because of the video lag mainly and not even with DIYCE you don't have support for skills that are not GCD bound (i won't enter in technicalities).

DoT :
Bleed: Make it a priority, especially if u have another w/x or x/w in the party. You can hit slash every 7-8 secs and having bleed takes priority even if i have to postpone OFlank for another 1-2secs or any other high dps skill.

PA+OF/AW: This is your main combo and as it does more dps then slash+ta even on beast/humanoid targets but also from a dmg/rage perspective which is important after the burst phase. AW is good as it does the same dmg as OF, has debuff that helps tank and uses mana pool (although a hungry skill i'd say). It becomes a bit tricky if the target is human/beast when u get +50% bonus on OF over AW even if you have to delay the next attack with 1 secs ( prolly how much it will take to get 10 rage). It's hard to quantify tbh, but if the tank needs it use AW 24/7.

SL+TA: THis is your secondary combo and since pa+of is main and and u have bleed 24/7 on target from time to time a window will appear when pa is on cd and u can freely use TA. But if u have another w/x or x/w in your party then it becomes tricky as SL+TA becomes your main combo. The only requirement is to have more then 2 warrior bleeds on the target because TA will hit x3 or x4 and so on depending how many bleeds are there. Try to talk with your party m8 to always put bleed. I have seen cases when the other classes would just no use slash only once every 15-20 secs at a time which is a loss in dps for party. Warriors should stick together as there also many exploits as using your OF on all vulnerable statuses of the target, one just needs to be fast enough and have a bit of rage at his disposal.

Charged Chop or CC: this is the reason wr/wd became freaking OP. 660% dps is no freaking joke, and if that wouldn't be enough it is not on GCD, meaning it wont trigger it or be affected by other skills triggering it. Using it at 100% it very tricky and tbh without smth like diyce almost impossible. Many of you i am sure have it on their rotation. Well that is wrong! CC shouldn't be on the rotation but in between it. What do i mean? For ex u have SL+PA+OF/AW+TA+SL(savage whirlwind)+PA+OF/AW. Best scenario this should take 6 secs. In order to use CC efficiently it has to be used each skill.
So from SL to PA u have 1 sec (GCD), which means u can use in between them CC like this SL -> (.5 sec interval) -> CC -> (.5 sec interval) PA. In practice this is very hard because you have to play with 6 buttons to watch cds and dots on target not too mention strategy. How to do this then?. I have set the combo on my left hand meaning 1-4 numbers (also alt+no.) on keyboard while CC is on another key, lets say 8, which is assigned to mouse secondary button. This way ill focus all my attention on the left side (right side of the brain) while i bash the CC on my mouse with my right hand without thinking about it. I am sure there are other methods to play this but for me this is the best thing i came with ... Hope it helps :). Same story with PotWS which is better than CC if they are more then 2 targets.
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Friday, November 23rd 2012, 9:37pm

Quoted from "MPHick;525005"

Ok all the code in my guide is annoying. How can i get rid of it?

Same issue....
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Friday, August 9th 2013, 9:08pm

I just recently started a W/WD as an alt. Currently level 52/51. I would love to see this thread revived with any new info from some experienced players. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help get this thread going again.
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Thursday, August 15th 2013, 11:19pm

After deciding to come check out the forums, I decided to change some stuff in the guide (all based on what I have read in the forums). I do not intend to play again anytime soon (maybe), however I will start browsing the forums again in hopes of maybe one day deciding to return to the game. So I will try and keep the guide more up to date from now on (cause i did really bad last time).
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