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Monday, May 20th 2013, 9:48pm

A Guide To Playing A Warlock/Priest

As I have already covered the basics of playing as a Warlock, I will not be going over that in any of the following guides. I do however, recommend reading the section pertaining to this combo in that guide, as it may further help to elaborate some ideas for you. Each guide for the warlock combos will only contain pertinent information about that combo, and how to use the combo when wanting to hit Willpower Blade (WPB), and what to do/a rotation once in WPB. This guide is aimed at those wanting to play a Warlock/Priest.

Level all of the priest general skills (except Blessed Spring Water) to supplement the survivability of your warlock side.

Once you have the 15 elite skill Healing Fortune, when the buff is on you use Urgent Heal as needed.

Once you have the 20 elite skill Protection Weave Curse, make sure to use the priest skill Regenerate for extra INT and WIS. Keep this buff/heal on you at all times during fights for the extra damage that comes with extra INT, as well as constantly healing yourself.

Once you have the 25 elite skill Ring of Comfort use this skill as needed to help heal your party in instances (just another reason for them to want to take you along).

When fighting boss mobs, use the priest skill Holy Aura when needed.

**The rotation for a Wl/P during solo play, on trash mobs inside instances, or between WPB burns on boss mobs:


Use Perception Extraction when you are low on Energy. The skill does cause a DoT, but as all DoT's do not scale well in this game, that is of secondary importance. I personally did not level this skill until everything else was all set to go, because DoT's don't really do much in RoM until you are endgame, and then it is just a nice filler IMO.

Use Heart Collection Strike when you are low on Energy. This skill causes a nice bit of damage, but try to not use it unless you are low on Energy. The reason for this is to conserve when you regain Energy. If you only need 30 Energy to fill your bar, you have just wasted 20 Energy on the use of this skill this time around. Using this skill only when needed really helps to maximize your DPS.

Use Rising Tide for quick instant skill damage. Just a nice add-in to the Warlock rotation.

Use Weakening Weave Curse on any enemy that does not have the Weakened Debuff. This debuff is important for the extra damage other skills cause when this debuff is applied.

Use Warp Charge with the Weakened Debuff on the enemy, and to give yourself the casting speed increase buff. This buff will help the rest of your rotation process through faster.

Use Surge of Malice with the Weakened Debuff on the enemy.

Use Puzzlement for the damage and for 2 PSI.

Use Psychic Arrows for the damage and 1 PSI.

Once you have reached the first use of Surge of Malice, you should weave in Weakening Weave Curse, Warp Charge, and Surge of Malice when they are off cooldown to help increase DPS.

If you are looking to build up PSI to reach WPB, use Puzzlement to gain 2 PSI, and Psychic Arrows four times to gain 1 PSI each time. This will get you to the 6 PSI needed to hit WPB as soon as possible.

**Once in WPB:


Use Touch of Faith to put a DoT on the enemy boss mob that also carries a 50% chance of giving you the buff Intensified Psychic Arrows which makes Psychic Arrows instant cast with no Energy cost, as well as resetting the CD for Rising Tide. This will cost you 2 PSI. Use Psychic Arrows when you have the buff Intesified Psychic Arrows. Use Rising Tide as it becomes available. Use Ruthless Judgement when the enemy mob has below 20% HP for a boost to magical damage for 20 seconds. This will cost you 2 PSI. Use Severed Consciousness to attack the enemy mob 4 times in a row. This is a channeled spell and will cost you 2 PSI.

For now, that is all. Thank you for reading this, hope you learned something here.

Have fun out there in Taborea everyone,
~GW :cool:

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