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Tuesday, December 1st 2015, 9:22pm

FAQ for Suggestions

Dear Community,

during the process of the revision for the suggestions, we have considered, how this section is supposed to be used in the future.
We have created this FAQ to give everyone the best possible chances to get their idea forwarded to the developer.

This includes rules regarding the section and an info guide.

At first the rules for the ideas and suggestions:

1. Does my suggestion exist already?

To keep an overview, you should look up, if your suggestion already exists.

You have the following possibilites:
- The search function of the forum
- Browsing through the current suggestions

Of course you can dig out old suggestions from the archives again, but there has to pass some time before you can do it again. Suggestions, that have been rejected just recently aren't supposed to be suggestion just right away again.

2. Elaboration, balance and consideration

Before you post your idea or suggestion, you should take your time and think through it properly.

Try to be as concrete as possible. Keep in mind, that there are different perspectives of view. Your point of view, other players' view and so on.
An accurate description of how it's supposed to appear is important, that an implementation possible could take place.

It is also important, that your suggestion has a relation to the game, be constructed balanced and doesn't include utopistic extremes, which don't fit into the actual concept of the game or imbalance certain relations.

3. Form and language

Try to keep an overview in your thread. A fitting formatting belongs to this as well as the locical use of paragraphs, also not a too complicated verbalization, so that everyone can follow your idea.

Try to describe your content as concrete as possible, but don't forget to get to the essential part of your idea. A structure of your text or a short summary on top of your suggestion is helpful.

The title of the thread should match with the idea and give a hint of what this suggestion could be about. Discussions are going easier, as well it is easier to find with the search function.

4. Pure agreement/disagreement (+1/-1)

If you want to comment on a suggestion, you should think about it properly and write why are you supporting the idea or why are you disagreeing with it. A pure "yes" or "no" (+1, -1) has no effect at all in a discussion. Other players (and especially greenies) can't read your mind. It also makes it impossible to find new points of view or to discuss about other opinions.

Express yourself clear and distinct, so that everyone can understand what it is all about.

5. The tone

It is only natural, that a discussion can heaten up. Everyone has seen it at least once. Not everyone always has the same opinion. And that's a good thing. After all everyone is different.

But it is important, that it doesn't destroy the thread. Not only accepting the different opinion of someone else belongs to this, also to stay friendly in discrepancy, without letting it turn into flaming, trolling or insults.

It is understandable, that you want others to see and approve your suggestion. There is nothing wrong with passion and commitment, because without those, nothing would change at all. But it is important, that you don't let your commitment overcome you. Take it easy, take your time and take a deep breath, if something angers you.

Keep in mind, that everyone, who is taking part in your suggestion, has the same goal. To improve the game and to make things better.

6. Forum Rules

In this section the forum rules still apply. Take a look at those, if you are unsure about it. You can find them here

If there are still questions about it, you can always send a PM to a Game Master of your choice, to be found in the team list.


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Tuesday, December 1st 2015, 9:24pm

As next we want to explain you the process from the posting of your idea untill the final step.

1. This is how it begins

After posting your idea it is at first open to discuss with other players. The goal of this is to view it from all sides. Even the idea itself can be improved during the discussion of it.
The discussion about it also brings light onto issues, that come along with it, which you might have not seen before. Together with the community possible solutions can be found.

2. The Evaluation

After the evaluation the next steps will be decided.

If the suggestion is not realizable or it gets rejected by the community, it gets at first a rejection. This means, that you may have to give your idea more thoughts. For this you can find tips in our rules and regulation and/or find helpful posts from the thread.

Later on you can edit your entrance post and give it another chance. But don't rush through it. Take your time.

If the suggestion gets agreement and is theoretically realizable, it is getting forwarded.

Of course every suggestion needs support from the rest of the community. There is no minimun post count needed. It is to see, that it isn't something wanted by only one person and in some cases it can even improve the suggestion.

3. First obstacle passed - The Forwarding

Once your suggestion has passed the first obstacle, it is getting forwarded.
Important is, that this is no warranty, that your suggestion is getting implemented eventually.

4. Further Process

In the next process within Gameforge it's going to be discussed, if a further forwarding (to Runewaker) is going to take place.

This sounds simple, though it is complexer than it looks like. Next to our US community there are all other communities with different languages coming along. Here they try to find a consensus about the interests, needs, requirements, requests and priorities. This has to be done with within all communities an it needs time and alot of work.

If the suggestion is getting forwarded to Runewaker the whole process begins again.

Runewaker also has its own community, which is providing feedback and suggestions, too.
How and in which amount your ideas are getting implemented, is a decision by the developer. We and Gameforge have not much influence in this process.

What is now a publisher and what's the difference from the developer?

The publisher has reserved the rights to distribute a certain game in certain regions. Here Gameforge has reserved the rights to distribute Runes of Magic in europe and the US, for example.

Depending on in what way it has been placed at disposal they can adjust some things on their own. This is always different. In all other things, like new content, bugfixes, implementation and so on, the developer has to take over, because they own the game.

For Runes of Magic generally the decisions in a lot of things are made by Runewaker, in how and when, which kind of content gets added or changed.

Because of this, it is not possible to implement stuff with a snip of your fingers or to say concrete, when things are getting implemented.
Once we have answers to any of your suggestions, we will of course let you know about it.

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