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Item Shop Pet Perfume

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Tuesday, November 21st 2017, 8:35am

Pet Perfume

Please bring back the old longer duration Magic Pet Perfume. If I remember correctly there was a 7 day and possibly a 30 day versions which were actually useful items.

Currently the 24 hour version of pet perfume is really, honestly only useable for a fraction of the time it is available as no normal person can usually sit and farm mobs for 24 hours straight and it is a huge waste of diamonds to use a perfume just to run a few mirror worlds. If the longer duration perfumes were once again available (at a reasonable price) I know I would personally be much more inclined to purchase them. Alternatively a shorter duration lower cost option such as a stackable 6 hour perfume buff potion for 5 diamonds (or mirror world currency etc) similar to luck potions that would allow people to use them when needed without feeling like they are being very wasteful may be a much more effective item.


Friday, December 8th 2017, 2:08am

This has been an issue since they changed it years ago. They never listened then and they'll never listen now. They only care about your money, not your experience hence why this game has gone to shit over the years. I played this game since beta but about a year into the release, it went to crap and continued to be crap when it comes to the developers or publisher listening to the desires of their player base. You'd think they would keep their players happy to keep making more money but no, it seems to me they are just pushing this game to fail so they can get rid of it. After having spent so much money on my character in the past, I cannot understand why they continue to degrade this game further and further.


Saturday, December 16th 2017, 10:34pm

well i wont discuss the devs or the publishers here i will however state the reason i believe they have not been available.
its really very simple botters.........
now before you go all flaming me keep in mind i am not exactly a new player here and i remember the bots running for for 6 months non stop.
they would be full and still killing guard dogs also in quite a few other locations like in tergothen bay, this i presume was tp and card farming.
just like in real life a few wreck it for the rest of us.
i would love to see them come back now especially since we are now only 1 server. it would be harder to get away with bots .
Zymologist wl/ch/m/p
Matronmalice p/s/m
Ceviche wl/ch


Wednesday, December 20th 2017, 8:12pm

I gotta agree that bots killed the radio star. An old guildie actually almost got a temp ban because someone reported him farming dog meat & he bitched out the GM that started chatting him up. lol. God, I miss Wolf. :D So yeah, bots killed it.

Of course.. dog meat was changed so botting wouldn't help there anymore & I would hope the collection dailies could be changed to be similar so GF might be able to be convinced to bring it back w/ a properly formatted suggestion post. ;)