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  • "Grumpdaddy" started this thread

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Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 3:05pm

Solo instances

Rather than adding more Cenedril instances, how about a reduced difficulty on existing zone instances that allows solo runs of things like ToSH, GC, actually all of them so they can be soloed. One player, solo mode. It would need to be tough enough that you still need well-built gear to complete it. It would have the same TP per mob kill that each member of a party of 12 gets from hard mode. Since you wouldn't be sharing loot with the party, it would need to drop the purple set gear from the bosses one tenth as often as hard mode, so it doesn't become a gear farm. It would, however let you run it and thereby get gear over time. The basic set up would be 4 levels, hard, normal, easy, and solo.
In Solo mode you need to be able to run it without strategies that require multiple players. That means HoS, for example would need a revamp of the colors boss, but ONLY in solo mode. The other modes would still need 5 players.
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Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 6:14pm

This is an interesting thought. I can especially get behind not NEEDING5 people (or 4 with warden pet tanking) people for HoS :/ that part's kind of annoying.

I dont think that they will ever release a "solo" level instance difficulty. They would need to recode damn near every boss, at least a little bit, and a project on that scale I'm sure would never get passed sadly.

Just look at how long it's taking them to debug the lvl 100 instance. Understandably of course, we don't want a broken ini. But doing code work on that many bosses at no profit to GF doesn't seem likely at all. It would have to benefit them in some way....but how...
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Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 9:17pm

They'd make SOLO INSTANCE tokens, available in the Item Shop. Each time you want to run an instance, it costs you some amount of tokens. The tokens could be given out at festivals and GM events as well. They should not be expensive, enough that they are making something or recouping what they are losing from this additional work, but not so much as to drive away the player base.

Additionally, it could be made that for X amount of tokens, things drop 10% as often (as discussed above). For 2X tokens, 20% as often... and do on, up to 5x (50% as often).



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Thursday, February 8th 2018, 5:52am

@OP: Instance rebalancing has been addressed many times over the years. Some have suggested reducing the number of players required, others (like myself) have advocated to increase the number of players for normal mode (from 6-10/12). Anything that would promote more players running content would definitely be working in the right direction. That said, what's the real value to the player to be able to solo lower level content outside of item set skills? Seems an easier solution would be to add NPC(s) that sells the 70 and below ISS gear for mems or gold.

As to increasing solo play opportunities, RoM is an MMORPG, not a regular RPG so the instance focus will likely remain multiplayer over solo play. I do agree however that older instances could easily be tuned to be more available to less geared players or players wanting to run content at level without investing in gear that they will outlevel very quickly. Likewise, a level 100 character shouldn't need to have more than quest gear to be able to clear content that is 30+ levels lower IMO.

Not that any of this matters of course. GF has never seemed to care much about ideas posted in the forums and by all appearances they have pretty much given up on this game now anyway. Even the fixes to the level 100 instance appear to be being addressed more or less in a part-time, when we get around to it, fashion.

@poisonarmadillo - Don't think they would have to recode the bosses, just tune them down a bit. Alternatively, they could just do permanent instance buffs when a party enters to make it easier to clear (i.e. %patk/matk/sta/dmg/etc increase). They already have this set up as an event so leaving it up would seem pretty hassle free. I agree this will never happen but one benefit to GF would be potentially slowing the hemorrhaging of players from this game. Players that leaves doesn't buy dias lol.
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