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Wednesday, March 28th 2018, 4:08pm

Buff Towers

For those who are not members of a guild and have no access to all the buff towers how about a place in Varness, where almost everyone goes, where there could be all the buff towers placed that cost some gold for getting the buff(s)? Also there a lot of people who belong to guilds that are down to just a few members or the leader had quit etc, and the only reason they stay in that guild is for the towers. I think it would be a huge help to those who have no access to them, or the guild they are in has no leader to increase their towers. Any thoughts on this?


Wednesday, March 28th 2018, 7:13pm

I'm torn here.. I'd love to help players out, but towers are the main reason to be in a guild... in a "Massively Multiplayer Online" game, guilds are kinda important. I guess.. a good compromise would be to allow guilds to set up renting features for their towers and stables? like the buffs last 30 minutes for some amount of gold that the GL sets.

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Friday, March 30th 2018, 5:55am

I find there are contradictions in your post. You mention that there are guilds with only a few members in it, but you want to take away one of the many reasons to join a guild. This would result in just another reason to not join a guild. Guilds offer many benefits outside of towers, and are one of the better parts of this game and, as said above, one of the main features of most MMORPGs. A healthy Runes of Magic for the entire population means there are numerous active guilds, imo.

if people want to have access to guild benefits, they should join a guild. I see several guilds advertising in world chat every day recruiting any level, so it shouldn't be hard to find one.

Also if a guild no longer has an active leader, they can write a ticket to support if the leader has been inactive/not logged on for 90 days (I think?) to get the leadership transferred the highest rank that is active (I did this a few months ago, and it takes until the next maintenance and you need three ranks in chat to agree with the transfer, unless there are no active ranks).
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Sunday, April 1st 2018, 5:41am

:cough: 30 days :cough:

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