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Thursday, May 19th 2016, 12:12pm

So if it was a mistake can the sale actually get repeated? Thanks.
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Thursday, May 19th 2016, 2:50pm

So if it was a mistake can the sale actually get repeated? Thanks.
Already made such request, but do not have any feedback if it will be repeated this or next week (or "any time soonish to be considered as a repeated offer not "next normal offer" XD) as Shop Guys also having their own planning.

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Thursday, May 19th 2016, 5:08pm

Celes i know you try your best o keep us inform and all, but sales department and PLANNING, please don't use those words together when referring to them. We will get you an new item shop!!! NEW SALES!!! etc!!! and we got : Rinse and repeat sales like the old item shop had.

I can deal with the new shop, no problem there. The issue is more about which sales the community wants, needs and not what a person with no game experience, no game play time in ROM or any knowledge about the game, makes up sales for the community. Who better than the players/community to say which item should be on there? we have been at this game, at least most of us still here, for 6+ years.. You get a new person at sales department every 6 months, with a degree in game economics/statistics etc but they still are clueless what the players need and don't really care as long as the revenues seems to hold.

Many like me have said throughout the years : This game as so much potential, if someone would actually take the time to make it great again!!!! Gameforge could make so much more money with this game if they would be smart about it and listen to the players needs.

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Thursday, May 19th 2016, 8:04pm

As for the root of this thread "Give us a permanent backpack sale", this has been forwarded many times, and now Celes has seen it to put a bug in the ear of the Shop Team to get it done. So moving to forwarded.

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