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  • "ancientgear" started this thread

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Thursday, April 21st 2016, 12:37pm

Change Item Shop back…535086&pageNo=2

The above thread was started in EU forum with a similar one happening in German forum as well apparently. So we might as well join them since we don't have an official one happening here.

Title: Change Item Shop back to what it was and let the Wheel roll down a very deep cliff.

Description: Item Shop was good as it was and currently its been overhauled to something none of us wants, laggy, unprofessional, ugly, not logical. Next to that the Wheel of Fortune got changed to something worse, respect for that, we didn't know that was even possible...

So please get back your senses , take a deep breath, and GIVE US BACK THE OLD ITEM SHOP!!!
For this is horrible, and I can't remember the last time so many people complained about something so massively.
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Thursday, April 21st 2016, 3:39pm

I agree with bringing the old cash shop back, and the same with the wheel as well, it was fine as is and didn't need a rework either.

Things the old cash shop did
-worked well and quickly
-if you wanted distributions of said item you could just hover over it and it was in a reasonable text font
-wheel wasn't filled with even more useless crap (and I'll admit I never used the darn thing anyway)
-didn't separate p tokens from the item shop

This work of disaster called "new item shop"
-works like a buggy untested product
-works when it wants to
-takes long to do so
-error couldn't find what to say here
-p tokens removed
-wheel is turned into an incredibly absurd cash grab and is one of the worst I've seen

Literally, the only thing this came off as was a way to reinvent the wheel of misfortune into getting more money from players who used the wheel and/or just wanted +20 enchantment gems, and also the p token shop is yet to be released as well (as of me checking yesterday it was no where to be found).

So in short, just give us what worked before hand, add in new cash shop items, and there you go, everyone was happy with what they had before and just wanted something a little extra in there that was heavily requested, all that had to be done for the item shop.
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Monday, April 25th 2016, 12:06am

Can't help but feel weirded out that this has had the least posts for a thread about the new cash shop, but might as well add onto the other thing that I feel that I have a problem with it.

The old cash shop had the tabs well laid out for you, could find things much easier and such but man oh man, this new one, click one thing a million items show up with a scroll bar, next off, there being no separation between the enchantments and runes, and other things as well.

Also P.token shop ain't in game yet either... So there's that too.
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Monday, April 25th 2016, 12:42am

People don't post in this thread because of its tone and the high probability it will be closed. That being said we were driving a Nissan with the old shop. they took away our Nissan and promised us a Mercedes but then gave us a Yugo.