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Monday, November 25th 2013, 1:18pm

Mantis Tool - User guide

Using Mantis to Report Ingame Language (Loca) Issues
Mantis is a bugtracking system which is used to report translation issues for RunesOfMagic.
In order to be able to report on Mantis, you need to register and setup your account. The process of registering, choosing the right settings and creating a report, will be explained in this guide.

The site is located at this address
The first time you must register an account, click on [ Signup for a new account ]
It ask to you to enter a nickname, an email, and a code that appears in an image at the right.

Click on Signup and you will receive an e-mail at your specified address, where you'll find a link to confirm your account. Once you have clicked the link, you will find yourself in front of the menu to setup your account, where now you must specify a password.

After entering your password, click on „Update User“. Only this time, you will be logged out and sent back to the main page where you can now log in with your new account. Done.

Choosing your settings

At first login you will return in the configuration menu of your account. Click on [ Preferences ] , so you can change the language you want to use Mantis in (the default is English) and set your default category on which to report, e.g. „Translation English“.

Save your settings by clicking on „Update Prefs“, and you are ready to begin reporting.

How to check on existing reports

Before you create your report, click on „View Issues “ to see if maybe your error has already been reported. It is possible to apply filters, for example, to see only a specific game; for that press the button [+] next to the „Search“ button and a filter menu will popup. On the example image, you can see that under „Category“ you find the games you want to report for.

How to report an issue

If now you want to enter a new report, you must press on „Report issue“ and will open the menu where you must select the name of the game, enter a title clearly and describe what should be changed and why. In the upper right corner you can double check if you are reporting on the right project.

You also have the option to upload a screenshot of the error.
Finally click on the „Submit Report“. Done.

If you have to add something to your report or other reports afterwards, you can add a note.

What must change and why, must be explained in the clearest possible English. If there are words to change, misspellings, or sentences to edit, then obviously those should be written as displayed in the game client along with your proposed correction.
As mentioned before, DO NOT abuse this service.

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