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Friday, May 13th 2016, 8:11pm

concentration is key


Description: buff from clicking on the correct rune disapears instantly

Server: Mithras

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Friday, June 3rd 2016, 9:00am

Yep, it's impossible to complete the quest now. It was still working after maintenance even though the maintenance that day had some problems, then the next day it wasn't working anymore. Probably needs server restart?

Anyway, hope this could be fixed soon.



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Friday, June 3rd 2016, 1:42pm

This quest is timed and very susceptible to lag problems. You have to hit the rune almost immediately upon it being announced if you have any lag at all it will not register the hit in time. It took me a long time to do it on all my characters as I had lag problems but by logging in at an off time after just resetting my computer I was able to finish it. I was unable to do it on more than 1 character before I had to reset the computer.


Friday, June 3rd 2016, 3:20pm

Now that the dailies were reset, just tried it again and can confirm it's still not working.

Btw, I'm from Erebos so this seems to not work for both servers. Name of the buff that somehow gets erased is Energy Cast. Quest can't be completed unless you get 6 points (6 counts of said buff) but it gets deleted in a matter of seconds so you can't accumulate points even if you're clicking on the correct runes in time.



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Friday, June 3rd 2016, 4:51pm

Interestingly enough I have that very same issue, but only on one of my toons.
It is not lag, it is not server re-set related. The buff literally disappears as soon as you get it, long before the announcement is made for the next rune. I tried re-logging, changing classes, removing all buffs, changing gear, changing channels, dropping/re-taking quest...all the standard stuff. It is not even a difficult challenge, of the 6 toons I ran through 4 did it first try, 1 took 3 attampts, which was probably overconfidence on my part. But this one toon, well, basically he just gave up on that quest.
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Friday, June 3rd 2016, 7:43pm

Just a guess: are you sure you don'r have an addon removing not-white-listed buff?
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Saturday, June 4th 2016, 4:56am

Apparently this is a racist quest and cannot get completed by elves.

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Saturday, June 4th 2016, 11:55am

and to be exact just female elves are affected, male version seems to be able to do it


Saturday, June 4th 2016, 1:17pm

I don't think it's racist. I have 2 human males, and they haven't been able to complete it for 3 days straight now. Was working fine for me, I do them for daily quests if there's a lot of people doing the other easy one Cost of Magic or something. That was up until the day after maint when it suddenly broke.

EDIT: Okay, for 2 days straight now, it worked for my 2 chars. I'll wait and see if it's not a fluke. Hope it stays fixed.

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Friday, June 10th 2016, 7:35pm

is this that quest near the magic circle quest in Moorlands? if so, I have done it on 2 elf females and 1 human female with no problems (on Mithras)