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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 10:24pm

Account or Password error - Selecting the correct region

This small guide will assist you in getting started with Runes of Magic and logged into the game as soon as possible.

If you have seen the error "Account or Password Error", and most especially if you have seen it even after attempting to reset your password, then you are probably experiencing a region error.

Interestingly, account names are specific to region. For example, there may be two accounts named JoeBobJim, one in US and one in EU. If a player is attempting to log into the wrong region and happens to hit upon an account which is banned, then they may see an error "Account banned please contact support". Checking for a region error is also a good first troubleshooting step in this case as well.

If you manually downloaded the client from the forums via this forum post, then skip down to the Important stuff.

If you downloaded Runes of Magic directly from the website, you are using the GameforgeLive Launcher. The GameforgeLive Launcher is similar to the launcher for EA Origin or Ubisoft, it's a program that launches a game. In our case, the GameforgeLive Launcher downloads the game to your PC. It looks a lot like the below:

The GameforgeLive launcher takes care of the initial download of the game as well as the launching of the game. Sort of like a Content Management System. The region setting on the GameforgeLive Launcher influences what games you can see or not see. Some games, like Aion, Gameforge does not have publishing rights to in the United States. The region setting on the GameforgeLive launcher does not automatically launch the game you're trying to play in the region you select, we'll take care of that in a bit.

Spoiler Spoiler

Once you are done with downloading the initial game, you don't ever have to start up the GameforgeLive launcher again, if you wish. Simply use the application in the (default) C:\Program Files (x86)\GameforgeLive\Games\GBR_eng\Runes Of Magic directory named 'Client.exe'. Create a shortcut to this to your desktop and delete the shortcut to the GameforgeLive launcher. This will bypass the GameforgeLive launcher entirely and save you a step or two.

Clicking the 'Play' button on the GameforgeLive launcher (the blue button) will launch the Runes of Magic launcher/patcher. This takes care of the patching of the game updates released as well as the all important region select. The Runes of Magic launcher is pictured below:

Note this very important stuff. The default region/language for Runes of Magic is set to ENEU/English upon the first launch of Runes of Magic (note my above image has the default region setting set, EU flags in bottom right corner). This setting is independent of the GameforgeLive Launcher region settings. The patcher/launcher looks very similar between different regions, except for the language on the buttons. Pressing the play button with the region set this way will take you to a login prompt that looks for your account on the European servers. Since you likely didn't create your account on the EU servers, the login will likely fail with the error 'Account or Password error'. You may also get an error relating to the suspension of your account, depending on its status over on the European servers.

Obviously you've created your account on the US/AU website, so you must select the proper region. Click the red button marked 'Region/Language' and change your Region to the proper setting, either USA, USA/Spanish or Australian, depending, and select your client language. Note that your language selection here influences the entire language of the client. If you select 'Español' here, all of your client, launcher, NPC's, NPC dialogs, skill names, everything will be in Spanish. The good news is, if you've downloaded the game entirely and gotten it all patched up, you do not have to re-download everything again if you switch regions, as everything in-game is exactly the same between regions.

Once you have selected the proper region, you should see the flag in the bottom right corner change to either a U.S. flag, an A.U. flag, or a mix of the US/MX flag, signifying that you are indeed on the correct region.

(Note the USA flag in bottom right corner)

Clicking 'Play' now will take you to a login prompt that searches for your account on the appropriate server, which should allow you to login normally.

Keep in mind that you will login to the game with your Account Name, NOT your email address. You can find your account name by logging into your account on our website ( and looking on the 'Account' page for your details. See image below:

Once you've logged in with your account name and password, select your desired server from the list, set a secondary password, and you're on your way to creating your first character!

Have fun in the lands of Taborea!

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Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 10:14am

Just read this after having this problem 3 times.

I'm on my 3rd install of the game now, and the last one as I refuse to waste any more time and bandwidth on what has to be the most complex and ridiculously strange installation I've come across out of any MMORPG I've played.

I've played WoW, Allods, Rift, SWtOR, Guildwars2 and a whole ton of others.

So I ask this. I have installed twice already.

The first time, I automatically after installation selected Australia in the region and that was it. Couldn't do anything. Tried following what I could find on google, and ended up just deleting it as it wouldn't load the patcher.

2nd time, had the whole thing all good, left the region part alone and got as far as a log on page. But got repeated message that my password was incorrect and no option to change it.

After further google it came to a moderator post stating how common a problem this is for Australian users, and ALL THEY NEED TO DO is change region to Australia.

So hesitantly, I do that, and retry going into the game . . .only to get the SAME F%$KING pop up that can't load some bullshit.

So what gives???

I'm downloading again, so what the hell do I do to be able to get this pain in the arse game to work???

I am NOT changing the region this time as TWICE now I've had no option but to delete the game and start all over.


Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 12:36pm

Check you registered for us runes of magic, not EU. There is two separate accounts, then check that your client is connected to enus. Only then try to login, otherwise you will continuously get error login, because you're trying to connect to wrong region.

As for AUS, it doesn't exist anymore, got merged into US, launcher option probably should be removed.
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Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 9:13pm

Yep, registered for US.

And I saw a thread from 2015, that's 2 years ago saying that the AU server doesn't exist. Yeah, maybe the option should be removed lol.

I'll try once more like I said, and if I can't get it to work, I'll go elsewhere. I don't think I'll bother with Aion either if it's going to be this hard to get to work.

Thanks for the reply anyway, it's not much more than I thought. The answer you have posted is the same one I came across in other searches.


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Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 10:28pm

Another thing to consider: the gameforgelive launcher region doesn't change your game client launcher region. If you're still launching through gameforgelive, this may be a problem as well.


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Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 11:23pm

Jumping in here also with the following info:

The is no Australia region as it was merged into the US region. When selecting the region, be sure to pick US or EU based on the region that you registered on.

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