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Friday, November 24th 2017, 4:03pm

Please Help /ACCOUNT

Someone Please Help!! I have tried since the end of October to recover my account since I got home. I have requested help with passwords. I have written to asking for assistance both in English as well as German to no avail..I can only sign in here.
I can't even create a support ticket. it won't allow any of the passwords sent to me..I continue to get "Account has been blocked" All I would like to do is be able to log into my account regain my characters and everything and be able to play..I worked quite hard back in the day on my account & characters allot invested.. If it weren't for all that I would make another. I haven't been able to play in a couple years I've been busy playing war :rocketlauncher: Don't mean WoW
I don't want to delete the game I truly enjoyed RoM
Please help


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Friday, November 24th 2017, 4:40pm

I can't even create a support ticket.

Start here: there is no reason you shouldn't be able to submit a ticket somehow. If you can't get into your old support account, then make new. will not help you, they'll just direct you to the ticket system. This is the ONLY place you can get the help you need, as we are legally bound not to discuss account specific info anywhere else.

The link to the support site is at the top of the forums. Click "Support" and go from there.