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Sunday, January 7th 2018, 1:25pm

KaDaverDave's sollution

I know Sarkas closed the thread, but there is a simple solution to :

"Gave it one more shot, 5 updates for me, but something still badly wrong.

It put me at the Pioneers camp but I can't talk to anyone. I can kill
things but can't get items from the corpse. Interface seems screwy,
blank spot where my character should be(upper left corner). Click on
everything - nothing. Only minimize and maximize. X doesn't work, must

Do you have any further advice?

and Thanks for the help."

There is a "screen-shot" mode and somehow you are set to default in that mode. Try holding down the control button long enough to hit <Z> one time. The interface should return to normal.

I hope this stays up long enough for you to see it before Sarkas shuts it down
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