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Thursday, March 1st 2018, 7:40pm

PROBLEMS WITH 9th Anniversarry Patch

I'm not able to log in after the 3-1-2018 patch. When I start the patcher it runs to about %30 then pops up an error message saying "Windows cannot find 'patch_7.2.1.2824.en_7.2.1.2825.en.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." How do I fix this?

*forgot the 2's after the 8's in patch versions
*Changed subject line to try and get a GM to notice!!

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Friday, March 2nd 2018, 2:40am

I totally uninstalled and reinstalled this stupid game and started patching and the first patch completed just fine but when the game tried to patch from version to it did the same thing that it was doing earlier!! It is saying it can't find the patch in the rom folder. I give up!!


Friday, March 2nd 2018, 11:16am

Are you manually patching or using client patcher?
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Friday, March 2nd 2018, 10:33pm

My last manual patch was probably 18months or so back. I have been able to let the client run by itself ever since. I think at one point shortly after the one manual patch I actually pulled the patch from the EU site, so it may have been the solution. If you can't get it to work, download the whole game from the EU website. If it works you can just reassign the region and copy over the add-on folder.
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