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Friday, June 9th 2017, 7:19pm

Crashing ?

I tried playing this game a year ago. But it would crash every few minutes. Did they every fix the memory leaks or whatever else was causing all the crashes this game has? When i last tried to get help from support they just ignored me. :?:


Friday, June 9th 2017, 7:28pm

Not really. Easist thing to do is play in lowest settings....
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Saturday, June 10th 2017, 10:37pm

The crashing as I understand it, due to memory leak, is something in the "kernal" of the game. A complete redo would be required, and the game would never be quite the same. I have reduced my crashing by overbuilding my box, using a quad-core processor, 32 gig of dram, 4gig vram across 2 cross-fire video cards, and the fastest internet I can get. Other users state they have converted to Linux, and do not crash at all. I would not write the game off because if the problem. Is it enough challenge, and enough fun to put up with the flaws? YOu have to make that call for you. :S
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Sunday, July 2nd 2017, 2:22pm

An overbuillt system does not solve the problem of bad coding.


Monday, July 3rd 2017, 1:16am

well i dont exactly have an overbuilt system and i do not crash that often.

as you can see here it is not exatly a super sytem.
i did however have some issues a few years back on my old pc and as odd as this will sound......... it was addons.
what i did is removed all of them and then added them back 1 by 1 until i found the culprit. it was xbar i believe and so i switched it to zz info bar (it is fully customizable) and i use it now with next to no crashing.
no guarantees this is your issue but it did solve it for me. if you do use zz info be sure to disable the time and date function as it will conflict with the new itemshop.

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